Construction has begun on the project led by global luxury real estate developer Sobha Realty and is expected to be complete by late 2026.

The 339,000-square-foot Sobha Mall will be based in the Sobha Hartland community and will include a number of new cultural, retail, and foodie spots.

Features of the New Sobha Mall

Dubai’s latest mall will include a supermarket, gym, play courts, a soft play/entertainment zone, and a diverse range of restaurants covering different cuisines.

We can expect 35 new retail shops and food and beverage outlets in addition to over 10 new dining options.

Setting New Standards for Luxury

Sobha Realty says that the new mall will set new standards for a luxury mall by combining nature, culture, gastronomy, and recreation. It will blend the busy retail space with the calm of an urban park.

Architectural Highlights

Architecturally, the mall will feature a number of different elements including a dramatic “vibrant bowl with a cascading void stretching from the basement to roof”. Quite the description, we can expect the sculpted feature to be big, and definitely one to snap a selfie with when it opens.

Sustainability and Design

The Sobha Mall will be designed with greenery, water features, natural lighting, energy-efficient lighting, solar panels, green building materials, and a skylight roof at the forefront. These features will all be included to make it a more sustainable mall.

Interactive and Smart Features

There will be plenty of interactive displays, smart lighting systems, and digital wayfinding to help mall visitors get around easier.

You can expect green walls, water features, floating pods, and natural lighting to make it a calmer atmosphere than your standard mall.

A Hub for Community Engagement

Ravi Menon, co-chairman of Sobha Group, says that the Sobha mall is designed to be a pivotal hub for community engagement.

He said: “The project underscores our vision to create integrated and community-focused spaces that seamlessly combine convenience while offering multi-tier retail stores, gourmet dining, and diverse entertainment options.

“Beyond a retail space, the mall is designed to be a pivotal hub for community engagement that offers an ideal blend of nature, culture, and recreation that will elevate the living quotient of community members and visitors.”

Source: timeoutdubai.com